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Top 5 Reasons to Give the Gift of Fitness This Holiday Season!

Top 5 Reasons to Give the Gift of Fitness This Holiday Season!

With the holiday gift-giving season in high gear, there has never been a better time to present the fitness enthusiast or wanna-be with the gift of home fitness from Concepts in Fitness. In Albany NY and Saratoga Springs NY, you can visit our showrooms to browse and sample our high quality fitness equipment. At the risk of sounding cliché, sweaters and perfume are always nice, but giving the gift of fitness is the gift that keeps on giving!

Read on to find out why fitness equipment makes the perfect holiday gift…

  1. Giving a gift that says, “I support you and want to help you achieve your goals”…priceless.
    Whether the individual you are shopping for is a fitness buff or just starting out, our assortment of superior fitness equipment includes everything from free weights to complete home gyms – and everything in between! A gift certificate from Concepts in Fitness ensures that special someone will have just the right equipment to meet their needs. From you!
  2. Save them time!
    Commuting, cooking dinner, school, machine wait time…these are just a few examples of why many people can’t find time for the gym. What could be better than getting an effective workout while being able to answer that science homework question, be there for your loved ones, or catch up on the news? We offer top-quality elliptical machines and treadmills that deliver outstanding full-body, cardiovascular health.
  3. A judgment-free workout zone.
    One of the biggest complaints about gym memberships we hear in our showrooms is that not only is finding the time to hit the gym difficult, but a gym atmosphere can feel judgmental (…am I doing this right?…am I wearing the right clothes?…are people watching me?). This can lead to poor attendance and can negatively affect a workout.  Gift someone the opportunity of working out, anxiety-free, in the comfort of their own home without feeling rushed or evaluated by other gym-goers and trainers.
  4. Better chance of “sticking with it!”
    This Christmas, you can help someone eliminate the annoyance of having to make it to the gym in bad weather, worries about equipment that isn’t clean, distractions, or any other factors that can affect their workouts, and give them a better chance of sticking with their workout routine. Being able to workout at home means they can listen to their own music, make as little or as much noise as they want, be within hopping distance of their own bathroom, and still be there for the fam!
  5. Shhh…it can really be a gift for everyone.
    I mean really, who doesn’t want to get in better shape? While there could be only one person vocally expressing the desire to get in better shape, who doesn’t secretly desire firm calves, a flat tummy, and the elimination of that irksome underarm jiggle? Home gym equipment is convenient and makes staying fit a completely attainable goal for the entire family. Nothing sets a better example for kids than seeing their family members get and stay in shape!

At Concepts in Fitness, you can browse our collection of attractive and space-saving premier fitness equipment which includes:

Is there anything more rewarding than giving the gift of a healthier, happier life? Don’t spend the rest of the holiday season racking your brain over the perfect gift… give the gift of home fitness!

At Concepts In Fitness in Saratoga Springs and Albany NY, we offer the best equipment names in the fitness industry and our friendly, professional staff can help you find the perfect Christmas present for your fitness-focused loved one. Not sure what they need? Contact us for a gift certificate, and our staff will help you choose the right equipment when you come in! (Interest-free financing is available!)  Call us today at 518-452-2727 (Albany, NY) or 518-587-7072 (Saratoga NY).