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19 Reasons A Home Gym Is Better Than A Gym Membership
19 Reasons A Home Gym Is Better Than A Gym Membership

19 Reasons A Home Gym Is Better Than A Gym Membership

It’s easy to find 19 reasons a home gym is better then a gym membership! Keeping fit at any age can be a challenge if you’re not satisfied with your fitness environment. If you have tried a fitness center membership and it just wasn’t for you, there’s a whole way to get fit on your own terms. Here are 19 reasons a home gym is better than a gym membership, and how it could change your whole approach to health and wellness.

1. The gym is packed.

This may not be a turn-off for some people, but if you are a) always in a hurry to stay on schedule, b) uncomfortable rubbing elbows with 25 strangers, or c) a germophobe, working out in a home gym makes a lot more sense.

2. You have young kids at home.

Let’s face it…if you have little kids, it can be super hard to get to the gym regularly, if at all. Home gyms are great for parents…early morning, nap time or evenings, it’s all possible.

3. No contract to lock into

It isn’t just the money, it’s the idea of the thing, right? Getting locked into a long-term gym contract just feels a bit heavy. Not using it? You may still have to pay.

4. Long term commitment.

When you invest in home fitness equipment, you are making a long term commitment to your health and wellness, NOT to a company. You have made the decision to enhance your fitness in a way that is deeply personal.

5. Germs.

There are probably more people who prefer a home gym vs. a gym membership for this reason alone than any other. It’s a fact that cold germs, the flu, things like athlete’s foot and skin infections, gastrointestinal upsets and a host of other illnesses can derail your workout. Everybody is touching everything in the gym. If you have school age kids, you get enough exposure as it is. Enough said.

6. No fashion police.

Not into gym wear? Feel like your sweats just won’t cut it in the gym? No worries. You can work out in the suit God gave you if you want!

7. Your workout is never on display.

Some gyms and fitness centers are wide open, some have windows overlooking the highway, some are just in malls. If you aren’t comfortable with that type of environment, or having people look at you mid-sweat, having a treadmill and a home gym in your basement or extra bedroom is a whole lot more appealing.

8. No schedule.

That isn’t exactly true…we all have schedules, but you want to stick to YOUR schedule, not someone else’s. Some gyms are open 24/7, but not all. Having your equipment ready and waiting when you are is priceless.

9. No waiting.

So, here you are an early bird at the gym, waiting to get on the rowing machines. Time’s up, you have to get to work. Oh well, maybe next time. Not an issue when you have your own equipment.

10. Work out in shifts.

Yes, that’s a thing. If you can’t commit to a full hour of cardio or strength training at a time, you have the flexibility to spread it out throughout the day. Nice, right?

11. Focus on your own workout.

One of the biggest distractions for some people in the gym is watching what the guy/gal next to them is doing. You can eliminate that issue and do a deeper dive into your own workout when you focus exclusively on your own goals.

12. No Chit-Chat.

Unless you are working out at a fitness center to make friends or enhance your social life, the time you set aside at home for your workout is private, quiet (if you want it to be), and zeroed in on your progress.

13. The training YOU want.

When you work out at home, you have the ability to access all types of classes, workout plans and fitness assessments  geared exactly to your speed and need!

14. Efficiency.

With your own home fitness equipment, you get exactly the equipment you need and learn how to use it efficiently and effectively. No need for multiple types of ellipticals  or rowers, six machines that all do the same thing. You focus on exactly what you need and how to use it. Boom.

15. Cost.

Marketing is the backbone of a successful fitness center. The get members by offering tons of different high-tech equipment and machines, fancy showers, some even have tanning booths. Why would you pay for all that? Although your initial investment may be more than the cost of a membership, you save money in the long run when you purchase high quality, reliable equipment.

16. It’s just easier. And fun.

Ever driven to the gym in the early a.m. and realize you forgot your sneakers? Or it snowed and they can’t get there to open up? How about you walk in and the first person you see is that overly friendly guy with the beater tee is smiling at you on the way in? Seriously.

17. Luxury.

Remember that “Because I’m worth it!” ad campaign? Well, same goes here in spades. Having a fitness room or home gym is definitely a luxury, but one that gives back many times over.

18. Rock the ’80’s If You Want!

Sure, you can struggle to keep your headphones in while you’re hitting the treadmill at the gym, or try to find a TV station to suit your mood. Just imagine being in your own home, with an endless source of music pumping as loud as you want, all your favorite shows, For your choice of online trainers! There’s just no comparison.

19. No excuses. 

This may be one of the biggest benefits of working out at home.  All of these 19 reasons a home gym is better than a gym membership make it more possible to succeed in reaching your fitness goals. At home you have the time, you have the access, you have super high quality equipment and all the accessories right at your fingertips.

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