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Why Buy A Rowing Machine?

Why Buy A Rowing Machine?

6 Reasons Why Choosing A Rowing Machine for your Home Gym Is A Good Idea:

Why buy a rowing machine? Over the past few years, rowing has become one of the most popular fitness trends; it’s easy to understand why since you can burn up to 1,200 calories per hour. Once you learn proper technique, using a rowing machine simulates the same movement and resistance as rowing in the water. The sport offers a tremendous amount of physical and mental health benefits. Owning your own rowing machine means you don’t have to leave the comfort of your own home to get one of the best workouts on the planet!

Here are just 6 benefits to using a rowing machine:

  1. Weight Loss:  Need we say more! Rowing expends an amazing number of calories (up to 1,200 an hour).
  2. Good Cardiovascular Health:  It’s no secret that a lack of cardio exercise is linked to heart disease. Aerobic fitness, such as rowing, enhances your lung’s ability to provide oxygen to the blood and heart. 30 minutes a day is all you need!
  3. What’s Good for the Heart is Good for the Mind:  Many find the rhythm of rowing to be meditative. Exercise, especially the low-impact kind like rowing, releases endorphins that lower the risk of stress and depression.
  4. It’s a Low-Impact Workout That Builds Serious Muscle: The rowing stroke is very safe for the body when performed properly and the fluidity of the exercise means there is no shock to the body and little chance of injury. Rowing engages all major muscle groups, especially the quadriceps (thigh muscles), which when strong, make regular activities such as walking, squatting, and jogging easier because you are stronger and more flexible. (Check out these 4 rowing workouts that build muscle!)
  5. Stabilization:  Rowing requires you to keep your stabilizer muscles (your core) engaged, which makes them stronger and able to combat movements that could throw you off balance or hurt your back, such as bending over during yard work or lifting something heavy.
  6. If You Experience Pain from Arthritis or Osteoporsis: It’s a great form of exercise for men and women over 50! Because rowing is fluid and non-contact, individuals with these ailments will experience minimized stiffness and increased flexibility. Also, the ease of use and ability to slow or quicken the pace using your own body, means the machine is constantly working at a pace that you control.

Why buy a rowing machinee from Concepts In Fitness? They provide an excellent full body workout, which you customize based on your fitness level. If you are in the market for a cardiovascular machine such as treadmills, elliptical machines, or rowing machines in Albany (518-452-2727), Saratoga Springs (518-587-7072), Troy, Clifton Park or Glens Falls NY, contact Concepts in Fitness, where fitness professionals are ready to answer all of your questions and get you on the road to improving your health and lifestyle!

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