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5 Essential Reasons to Buy a Stationary Bike
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5 Essential Reasons to Buy a Stationary Bike

Bring Your Ride Inside This Winter!

Riding a bike is not only a fun activity, it’s one that is also bursting with health benefits! However, taking your bicycle out on the road comes with its own set of risks, and unfortunately, conditions aren’t always ideal for a ride outside. Want to reap the benefits of riding without having to worry about the forecast? Take your passion for pedaling indoors with a stationary bike!

Here’s 5 great reasons to invest in a bike that stands still!

1. Privacy

Gyms can be busy, crowded places. Getting a free piece of equipment can sometimes be a challenge, especially if your preferred workout time is during a gym’s peak hours, such as right before or right after work, or during the colder months when many people choose to train indoors. Cycling classes in studios and gyms are usually packed as well – some popular boutiques release their sign-up lists days (or even weeks!) ahead of time, and you may wind up putting your name on a wait list! Avoid the crowds by going for a ride in the privacy of your home.

2. High Intensity, Low Impact Workout

Biking is a low-impact, non-weight-bearing exercise, unlike other types of workouts that can add stress to your joints. Low-impact exercise places less stress on your body and can potentially reduce the risk of injury. However, low-impact doesn’t have to mean low intensity! You can choose how challenging you want your ride to be by changing up your pace and resistance level.

3. Better $ Investment

Unlike exercising at gyms, you don’t need a membership or contract to break a sweat on a bike! Avoid sign-up fees, getting locked into a contract, and hidden costs that could come with gym memberships by working out at home. You can also choose exactly what type of stationary bike you want to put in your home, unlike at gyms, where you may be working out on old model that you’re sharing with countless other gym-goers.

4. Cardio & Weight Loss

Multiple studies over the decades have proven that biking is a great activity to improve cardiovascular health! Biking is an aerobic exercise that strengthens your heart to pump oxygen into your body more efficiently. According to Web MD, exercise bikes are a staple of any exercise program.  Other health benefits of biking include a high calorie burn, and building and strengthening your muscles. Looking to lose weight? Biking can help with that too – talk to your doctor to learn more about how using a stationary bike could fit into your weight loss plan!

5. Just the Way You Like It

One of the best things about working out at home is being able to control the ambiance of your workout space! Since many gyms are crowded, they can be noisy and full of distractions. Going for a ride in your home gym means you can crank up your music or television and focus on your workout without having to worry about other gym-goers sharing your space. 

And…as if these 5 essential reasons to buy a stationary bike aren’t enough, here are two more: 1) it’s a lot of fun, and 2) this is the perfect gift for your spouse, parents, or, yes, yourself!

At Concepts In Fitness, we offer a host of different options for stationary bikes! Whether you’re a beginner, dedicated to your cardio, or are 100% passionate about biking, we have the right product for you. Stop in to one of our showrooms in Albany or Saratoga Springs, and take advantage of our awesome holiday fitness sale! Our experts will take some time to talk with you and make sure you have the right bike for your needs.