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7 Things You Should Do After Every Workout
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7 Things You Should Do After Every Workout

Exercise Aftercare For Your Home Gym Workout: 7 Things

Just as recovery is key to a successful workout regimen, proper exercise aftercare should be an important part of your home gym workout! Cooling down and stretching after your workout helps your body to recover faster, aids in improving flexibility, and ensures you’ll reap the most benefits from your activity of choice.

Before you begin, always be sure to warm up sufficiently, stay focused and avoid overtraining. No matter how strenuous your workout is, your exercise aftercare is essential as well.There are countless post-workout exercises that you can do to stretch your muscles and treat your body to some relaxation.

Here 7 things you should do after every workout to make your routine and recovery the best it can be:

1. Roll It Out

One of the best ways to help tight, sore muscles relax after your workout is with self-myofascial release, also known as foam rolling. Use a foam roller to work knots of out of muscles and aid in a quicker recovery time. For beginners, soft foam rollers are best. Focus on large muscles groups, such as those in your legs or back.

2. Stretch It Out

Bring your recovery to the floor with a yoga mat. While a staple of many home gyms for those who practice yoga, mats are also great for those post-workout stretches where you might need a little extra cushioning or support on the floor beneath you. The ideal mat will be grippy enough to prevent you from slipping – especially if you’re sweaty after your workout – and will be easy-to-clean, roll up and store away under your bed, in your closet or under the sofa.

3. Tension – The Good Kind!

Add a resistance band to your post-workout routine to assist with challenging stretches and tight muscles. Resistance bands allow you to control your stretch by choosing your ideal amount of tension and how far you want the stretch to go, which will improve your flexibility over time.

4. Exercise Ball

Exercise balls are a great addition to any home gym. These versatile pieces of equipment can be incorporated into your workout, or used when your workout is complete, for stretching and working on your flexibility and balance. The possibilities are endless – exercise balls can be used stretch your upper body, lower body, and everything in between.

5. Cool Shower

A cool shower after your workout can actually spur the healing process. Opt for a cool shower – not a hot one – to help minimize inflammation of your muscles and post-workout soreness.

7. Water, Water, Water

Although it may seem like a no-brainer to stay hydrated during exercise, drinking water after exercise can be even more important for muscle recovery in keeping your body functioning smoothly.

8. Fuel Up

After your workout, be sure to give your body what it needs to recover. Choose natural, healthy snacks and foods that are designed to keep your body in top condition. Check out this post workout nutrition article from Healthline.

This checklist of 7 things you should do after every workout can go a long way toward helping your body  rejuvenate and regenerate before your next workout, as well as helping to reduce post exercise  soreness and discomfort.

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