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5 Benefits of Using Free Weights

5 Benefits of Using Free Weights

Free Weights: The Unsung Hero of Home Fitness

Whatever your fitness goals – weight loss, muscle development, strength training or increased cardiovascular health, free weights add a much which-need component to any home fitness routine.

Free Weights are basically any object or equipment you pick up and hold as you work out:  dumbbells, barbells, kettlebells, etc.  The benefits of using free weights stem from the fact free weights makes your body work against gravity. The benefit of this type of weight-bearing exercise is that you strengthen dozens of small stabilizer muscles. Your muscles are not supported when you lift them, requiring your body to control its movements. Dumbbell exercises are effective, affordable, portable, and perfect for your home workout!

5 Benefits of Using Free Weights

1. Strength and Balance

Free weights don’t restrict your movements and build “functional strength.” This is the strength we require for normal, everyday activities like picking up our children, mowing the lawn, or hauling grocery bags. Also, free weights improve your balance as they depend on your effort to maintain it.Research has also shown that you burn more calories with free weights because of the increased effort involved to maintain balance and stability.

2. No Limits

With the freedom of movement that free weights afford, all you need is a few square feet and you can perform virtually thousands of different exercises (while watching your favorite series!). Free weights don’t tie you down to specific movements, allowing for a full range of motion and letting us do what we are designed to do, which is move!

 3. They Fit Under Your Bed

One of the huge advantages to exercising with free weights is that they fit anywhere. Whether you choose 3 or 20-pound dumbbells, you can store them conveniently in a closet, under your bed, or next to the t.v. That being said, even a dumbbell rack, such as our Hudson Steel 4-Foot Dumbbell Rack, takes up very little real estate and accommodates a variety of dumbbells.

4. Affordability

At just $1.49 per pound, our Hudson Steel Free Weights are affordable, high quality dumbbells.  No matter how minimal or extensive your home fitness equipment list may be, you can have a great set of dumbbells to get you on the right track to meeting your fitness goals. They are your “no excuses” equipment!

5. Made For Everyone

The benefits of using free weights are many for the elderly or those recovering from surgeries or injuries. Free weights are uncomplicated, allow you to choose your range of motion, and choose how light or how heavy you want to go.

At Concepts in Fitness in Saratoga Springs and Albany, NY, we offer free weights and top-quality fitness equipment, whether you are just getting started or want to expand your home gym. Visit our showrooms  in the Albany and Saratoga NY areas! Contact our fitness experts today! Albany (518-452-2727) or Saratoga Springs (518-587-7072).