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7 Tips for Setting Up A Home Gym
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7 Tips for Setting Up A Home Gym

After careful consideration you’ve decided that you want to save time and money by working out in the comfort of your own home, listening to the music you like in a no-judgment zone, at whatever time of the day or night you prefer. However, you don’t know if you have enough space or where to start. Don’t fret! Whether you have a garage, basement, spare bedroom, or just a corner of the living room, follow these tips on How To Set Up Your Own Home Gym.

How To Set Up Your Own Home Gym

1. Find Your Space

This can be challenging, especially if you live in a smaller house or apartment, but definitely not impossible. If all you have is a corner of the living room, then you will want to make the best use out of that space. However, whatever location you choose for your new home gym, make sure you like the lighting, smell, and overall atmosphere, because if you don’t like the space, you are more likely to not want to spend time there.

Here are the recommended guidelines by the American Council on Exercise for space needed for specific fitness equipment:

  • Treadmill:  30 sq. ft.
  • Stationary bike:  10 sq. ft.
  • Free weights:  20-50 sq. ft.
  • Single-station gym:  35 sq. ft.
  • Rowing machine:  20 sq. ft.
  • Stair climber:  10-20 sq. ft.
  • Multi-station gym:  50-200 sq. ft.

At Concepts In Fitness in Saratoga NY and Albany, we have several space-saving treadmills, elliptical machines, and the Hudson Steel 4-foot Dumbbell Rack, which will neatly slide up against any wall to save space.

2. Create a Budget

Before you start shopping for fitness equipment in Albany or Saratoga Springs, establish your budget. Remember that you will save time and money without costly gym memberships, travel time, gas expenses, etc. At Concepts In Fitness, we offer interest-free financing on our superior fitness equipment to make purchasing them a little easier. You will find out quickly how convenient it is to have a gym right in your home! While purchasing a full gym right away is beyond most peoples’ means, start with just a couple of pieces, and build up to what you believe you need to have in order to meet your fitness goals. For example, to build muscle and burn calories, consider a high-quality elliptical machine and a set of free weights to begin with.

3. Make Your Space Your Own

Remember, one of the biggest reasons you want a home gym is so you can have it all to yourself. Home gyms afford you the convenience of working out however and whenever you want to in the most comfortable of places…your home. So, dress up your space to be motivational and inspiring with music and a nice sound system if possible, posters, a full-length mirror, plants if you like a serene environment, whatever puts you into workout mode. Not too comfortable, however, you are there to sweat!

4. Know Your Workout Style

You may be a fitness expert and in no need of advice from us, but many people considering a home gym have trouble deciding on the right equipment. The best advice we can give is to know your workout style. Are you all about bulking up? A home gym set may be all you need. Are you looking for something that works your entire body? A rowing machine provides a high-intensity, low impact workout. At Concepts In Fitness, we offer premier rowing machines from the NY Capital Region to the Lake George area. Call us today at 518-452-2727 in Albany, or 518-587-7072 in Saratoga, and let us know how you like to exercise. We will help you decide on the right equipment that fits your fitness goals and budget.

5. Set Yourself Up to Progress

Your home gym should include equipment and machines that will allow you to monitor your heart rate, push your muscles, and progress in your training. Elliptical machines, like the LifeFitness E1 Track Elliptical Cross Trainer, allow you to track your heart rate while customizing your workout. This is a great machine to own if you only have space for one.

6. Only Buy Quality

If you are going to buy equipment or machines for your new home gym, remember that fitness equipment is definitely one of those buys where you really get what you pay for. Buying commercial-quality home gym equipment means not only are you getting top-of-the-line machine craftsmanship, but a warranty and service repair from professionals in the industry. Exercise machines should be safe, durable, and include features that will complement and enhance your workouts, such as built-in workouts and tests, a heart rate monitor, and smart phone connectivity. The Concepts in Fitness service department provides both prompt service when needed and a maintenance plan to meet your needs.

7. Devise a Workout Plan

Your new home gym won’t mean anything if you never use it, so once you’ve got the plan laid-out, it’s time to start planning your workout schedule. One disadvantage to a home gym is that normal life – kids, errands, chores, etc. – can make it tempting to keep putting off workouts. Just like a doctor’s appointment, work, or your child’s dance class, you should make time every day for your workout.

Concept In Fitness is your premier provider of quality fitness equipment sales and service in Albany, Saratoga, Lake George, and Glens Falls NY. We provide the highest quality customer service and our friendly, knowledgeable staff offers expert guidance on how to reach your fitness goals. Call us today at 518-452-2727 in Albany, or 518-587-7072 in Saratoga, or Contact Us Online.