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The Right Music For Your Workout
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The Right Music For Your Workout

Yes, Music CAN Improve Your Workout!

One of the quickest and easiest ways to bring more energy and enjoyment to your workout is to listen to music while you exercise! Listening to music during your workout has been proven to improve your mood and your stamina and decrease boredom – music can be a great distraction, as the rhythms and lyrics can provide something else to focus on during challenging exercises.  Some of us can’t even work out without it! As technology has advanced, so has our access to different kinds of music and different ways to listen on our indoor fitness equipment. With all the options available today, getting the most power out of your workout playlist is easier than you might think.

3 Tips For Finding The Right Workout Tunes

1. Match Your Music & Mood

The first consideration when choosing your workout music is the type of exercise you’re doing and what mood you’re hoping to set with your playlist. For example, the music you choose for a meditative, relaxing yoga practice will be very different from the tracks you might want to hear when your adrenaline is pumping during a cardio workout on a rowing machine. Once you’ve determined what goal you’re hoping to achieve by adding music, whether it’s to provide soothing ambiance or to give you the energy to power through a tough workout, it’s time to consider your source of music.

2. Find The Right Music App

Curating the perfect playlist to accompany your workout is easier than ever thanks to streaming services and apps such:

  • Spotify
  • Amazon
  • Pandora
  • Apple Music
  • …and websites like YouTube

Many of these apps offer both free and premium options, which allows you to choose between free access (usually accompanied by ads that play during use of the service) and premium options with minimal cost.

With the variety of apps and services available today, there are plenty of options when it comes to setting the soundtrack for your workout. You can choose exactly which songs you’d like to hear by assembling your own personalized playlist, or pick what genre you’d prefer to listen to and let the app make the choices for you. Apps like Spotify include pre-selected playlists with songs chosen specifically to accompany activities such as running on a treadmill, weightlifting, and more.

3. Create Your Perfect Playlist for Exercise

If you prefer to make your playlist your own by choosing which songs will play, select songs with strong, driving beats and motivational, inspirational lyrics. Some apps with pre-selected playlists will even indicate the range of beats per minute (or BPM) of each song. For example, a playlist created for running might include songs that are 150-165 BPM – which just happens to be the perfect tempo for many runners.

Other factors to consider when crafting a workout playlist are the timing of your songs. How long will your workout be? Choose the number of songs accordingly. Do you have a warm up? Choose something upbeat to get you moving. Going for a strong finish on your bike? End with a dramatic, heavy song. If you’re not sure what songs might get you pumped up for a workout, try searching the web for workout playlist ideas. The internet is full of song suggestions – keep listening until you find something you like! Ultimately, the best music to listen to while you work out is music that you truly enjoy.

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