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Hudson Steel Adjustable Ab Board


Hudson’s Adjustable Abdominal Bench offers a variety for your abdominal routine.  This 12-position decline ab bench provides more impact in your ab workout than a flat crunch could provide.  The functionality of the Adjustable Abdominal Bench allows more basic users to start out at a low setting and become stronger over time, while also providing an equally great workout for more advanced users.


These settings are offered by the unique height settings adjusted with an oversized spring-loaded pop pin made and tested by the Hudson Edge Team.  After choosing the ideal resistance level, the user would then hook their legs between the dual 2 1/2” thick vinyl ankle pads and 4” contoured rollers that are spaced at an ideal distance from one another to comfortably fit most size users to easily perform their exercise.  Hudson’s Adjustable Abdominal Bench is built to last, even under the most strenuous workout routines. Hudson’s Adjustable Abdominal Bench features a durable rugged steel frame that is built to last over an extended period of time of intense usage.


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