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Octane XR6X


xRide xR6x provides a comprehensive workout with minimal stress on the joints. This recumbent elliptical machine combines all the benefits of traditional standing elliptical machines with the comfort of a seat. With dynamic workout programs and SMARTLIGHT and PowerStroke technology, the xRide xR6x provides effective resistance training that engages more muscles, burns more calories, and offers additional results compared to other seated machines. The seated position supports the back, making this recumbent elliptical machine an excellent choice for seniors, those in rehabilitation, or anyone looking to maintain a healthy lifestyle with reduced injury risk. Equipped with six programs and Octane’s Workout Boosters via the standard console and multiple resistance levels, the xRide challenges beginners to athletes, offering multi-faceted workout equipment many can enjoy.

  • PowerStroke Technology
  • Dynamic Console
  • Active Seat Position
  • Space Efficient Design
  • Total Body Ergonomics


The defining feature that sets the xRide xR6x recumbent elliptical apart from recumbent bikes is Octane’s 16″ PowerStroke technology. PowerStroke allows for optimal leg extension and power drive, delivering more muscle engagement. Due to its innovative design, xRide users demonstrate more activity in their glutes and have the potential for increased caloric burn during workouts.